Monthly Archives: May, 2011

Listen up!

As the web becomes increasingly social, more people and communities are taking the opportunity to talk about you, your company and brand – whether you like it or not. The questions is: are you listening? The social web is an incredibly democratising space, allowing anyone and everyone to become a publisher. Blogging, microblogging, social networking […]

Social media heavyweights

During the early part of the year I published three blog posts outlining a number of ‘social media heavyweights’ – people and resources that I consider to be outstanding in their field as publishers and curators of social media expertise. Many of these ‘heavyweights’ can be found in the ‘Great blogs’ column on the right-hand […]

Up in the cloud

This week Google announced that it would be releasing the Chromebook, a low-cost netbook fitted with Google’s Chrome OS, which essentially means a laptop with a web browser. Manufactures who’ve signed up to producing laptops exclusively with Chrome OS (instead of Microsoft’s Windows) include Samsung and Acer, who will be building machines that will apparently […]

Good morning!

Well, here I go with my very own website and a new and improved blog. I was previously blogging at Gavin’s Blog (which I will continue to do so but on a more ad hoc basis) but One Too Many Mornings is now my new blogging home and the place where I intend to share […]