Monthly Archives: July, 2011

5 awesome marketing podcasts

I love to catch up on all the latest marketing news, opinion and insights. And with everything in the world of digital marketing and social media moving so fast, it’s becoming increasingly important to keep on top of the trends. However, I also love to go walking and unfortunately it’s a little complicated to read […]

Outsourcing social media

With social media catching the attention of more and more companies, it seems that many are opting to outsource some or even all of their efforts to third party agencies. Is this a good idea? Well, it depends. It depends on what you’re looking to outsource and to whom. For a lot of companies, social […]

SEO basics – 5 key steps

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising a website so that it can be more easily found by search engines. The better the standard of optimisation, the better the chance of getting your site higher up the rankings. The power of major search engines like Google (who have a world-wide market share of […]

Know your (social media) audience

One of the things that frustrates me on LinkedIn is the number of people I follow who set their account to automatically share all their tweets simultaneously on Twitter and LinkedIn. What I’m often left with is a LinkedIn newsfeed crammed with – well, people’s tweets! This problem is two-fold… First of all, if I’m […]

5 reasons why your business should blog

I was a little surprised recently when a client suggested to me that blogging was really only something celebrities and hobbyists indulged in. Although the comment took me aback, I nevertheless politely told them that they were way off the mark – and gave them a few good reasons why! Blogging isn’t just for big […]

Four key social media strategies

Is your business using social media as part of its overall marketing strategy? Do you consider the relative social influence and authority of customers? And if so, do you tailor customer service, pricing or product selection as a result? A research study from the Harvard Business Review has found that companies actively using social media […]