Monthly Archives: September, 2011

A beginner’s guide to Facebook’s EdgeRank

Facebook is becoming an increasingly popular social media marketing tactic for many businesses as they look to take advantage of the 650 million+ user base the social network has built up since its launch in 2007. With 1 in every 13 people in world with an account, Facebook is by far the world’s biggest social […]

What does ‘engagement’ really mean?

In marketing and in social media in particular, the terms ‘engage’ and ‘engagement’ are used a lot. But what does it mean to ‘engage’ with people on the social web? And what does ‘engagement’ mean to customers? Creating connections Brian Solis defines engagement as ‘the time spent with the brand, either individually, in a community¬†environment¬†or […]

What are you ‘about’?

When someone visits your blog for the first time what do they see? What type of content do you have? What are the topics you have written about within the last few days and weeks? And what writing style do you use? Anyone visiting your blog will make a first impression within seconds of landing […]