Monthly Archives: November, 2011

Focus on the social networks that work for YOU

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+… there are so many social networks but where should you be focusing your efforts? Go where you customers are With Facebook being all the rage one minute, Twitter the next and most recently Google+, it’s easy to think that you should have a presence on all the social networks that are […]

30 ways to get more targeted traffic to your blog

This post was originally published on Smart Insights on 22nd November 2011. I cross-post it here with all the links and tags for your reading pleasure! Seth Godin’s best post for the blogger revisited A few years ago Seth Godin wrote a great post on how to get traffic for your blog. Seth listed a number […]

Social media success is more than just a number

Last week Jeremiah Owyang blogged about why the number of fans and followers you have is NOT a business metric – but what you do with them is. The post reminded me of a couple of conversations I’ve recently had with marketing directors of well-known online brands. Whilst they were keen to use social media […]

The Golden Circle: a formula for inspiring action

In 2010 Simon Sinek delivered a TED Talk on How great leaders inspire action, the content of which has resonated with me ever since. While most of us think nothing of how great companies and individuals get to (and often stay) where they are, Simon produced a lecture that offered a little insight into how the best […]

Extending your social strategy to your site

Last week Jeremiah Owyang took part in a webinar in which he offered best-practice advice on how businesses should integrate social media within their corporate websites. Some of the key take-aways from the webinar include: The business case for social integration Research proves that customers trust each other more than a brand’s messages. We rely […]

Google Plus Pages have arrived!

After what seems like a very long wait since the initial launch of Google+ back in June this year, Google+ Pages have finally been unveiled. Beginning today and continuing over the next two days, businesses will be welcome into the Google+ social platform by creating a Google+ Page using the Create a page tool. I’m […]