Monthly Archives: February, 2012

All or nothing: Committing to social media

There have been a number of occasions over the last couple of years when I’ve spoken to individuals or companies who are considering using social media as part of their marketing efforts. However, on nearly every occasion I’ve found that the people I’ve spoken to have rarely got a clear idea as to how it […]

Master the art of choosing

Choice is funny thing. On the face of it, we believe that the more choice we have, the better. That it’s a freedom to be able to choose from a vast array of alternatives and pick what suits us best. However, when you look a little closer it’s often quite the opposite. As these two […]

10 great digital folks to follow on Google Plus

This post was originally published on Smart Insights on 6th February 2012. I cross-post it here with all the links and tags for your reading pleasure! Ever since Google+ burst onto the social media scene in July last year, the blogosphere has been awash with debate on the pros and cons of the new social network. But […]

The Vapiano customer experience

Last week I had the good fortune to travel to Munich in Germany and whilst there I stopped by one of my favourite Italian-themed restaurants – Vapiano. Although the German restaurant chain has expanded into other countries (including the UK) over the last few years, I had never encountered Vapiano until I first visited Munich […]