5 awesome marketing podcasts

Studio Microphone by curtis.kennington

I love to catch up on all the latest marketing news, opinion and insights. And with everything in the world of digital marketing and social media moving so fast, it’s becoming increasingly important to keep on top of the trends.

However, I also love to go walking and unfortunately it’s a little complicated to read magazines (such as Marketing Week, The Marketer and the Harvard Business Review) blogs and newspapers whilst out for a stroll!

But that’s where podcasts come in so handy.

There are a lot of marketing podcasts out there (just search ‘marketing’ in the podcasts section on iTunes) but in my opinion there are only so many good ones. So I’ve decided to share with you 5 marketing podcasts that really deliver:

Marketing over coffee

The Marketing Over Coffee podcast is hosted by John Wall and Christopher S Penn and is recorded every week in Boston, Massachusetts.

I like Marketing Over Coffee because it’s a good length (about 30 minutes long) and covers both traditional and new media marketing, giving me a fairly rounded perfective on what’s happening across the industry. John and Chris like to go into detail about many of the latest trends and regularly refer to the Marketing Over Coffee LinkedIn group.

The BeanCast

The BeanCast is a weekly discussion programme hosted by Bob Knorpp and featuring a different set of experts every week who consider the latest stories in the world of marketing.

Like Marketing Over Coffee, the show covers both traditional and digital marketing but in a little more detail over the course of an hour. I enjoy the BeanCast for the debate amongst the panel and the opportunity to hear a longer discussion on some of the key marketing topics of the moment.

Six Pixels of Separation

The Six Pixels of Separation podcast is hosted by the Mitch Joel and is recorded and published nearly every Sunday. Each week, Mitch interviews a different guest in which they chat about a subject the guest is particularly involved with (the guest is sometimes promoting a book so they will often use a key topic from this as a talking-point).

Unlike the previous two podcasts, Six Pixels of Separation has much more of a digital marketing slant but nevertheless features thought-leaders from advertising, sales, analytics and the creative industries. Mitch Joel is a brilliant thinker alone, so the combination of Mitch and another guest is often compelling listening.

The Hopkinson Report

I was introduced to The Hopkinson Report after it’s host, Jim Hopkinson, appeared on the Six Pixels of Separation podcast!

Jim works as a marketer for Wired.com and he brings his experience and expertise to the podcast, which includes a great mixture of guest interviews, top tips and guides on everything from website creation and social media to healthy living and salary advice.

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line is a business discussion programme and podcast from the BBC that features a changing line-up of CEOs and business leaders from many of the UK’s biggest corporations.

Although it’s not a marketing podcast, as such, marketing is often a key theme and nevertheless the economic, business strategy and innovation topics that are often the main focus of discussion underpin good marketing practice. I therefore believe the Bottom Line is essential listening for anyone serious about good business analysis.

What marketing/ business podcasts do you listen to? I’d love to hear your recommendations.