5 top LinkedIn groups for marketers

Linkedin Chocolates by Nan Palmero

With all the fuss over the continued rise of Facebook and the emergence of Google+, LinkedIn is often overlooked. But as a social network for gaining knowledge, information and new insights LinkedIn can be great.

One of the best aspects of LinkedIn is the groups. Whilst many often start with a bang before slowly fading away, those that stick around can become bustling communities where smart, like-minded users can discuss their topics and niches in detail with each other.

So which are the best groups on LinkedIn for marketers? Here are my 5 suggestions:

Marketing Over Coffee

Join the Marketing Over Coffee LinkedIn group

Marketing Over Coffee is one of my favourite marketing podcasts and it’s not surprising to find that the team’s LinkedIn group is very good, too.

The group encourages discussions related to digital, online and traditional marketing as well as conversations around the latest technological developments in the marketing world.

The group also has a set of very good group rules to keep users in check and keep spamming to a minimum.

Smart Insights

Join the Smart Insights LinkedIn group

If you’re interested in search marketing, web analytics and digital marketing case studies then head on over to the Smart Insights LinkedIn group.

The group encourages any marketer, regardless of their experience, to join in and start discussions and as a result of this there is a good variety of topics and posts.

Harvard Business Review

Join the Harvard Business Review LinkedIn group

Although the Harvard Business Review LinkedIn group isn’t specifically about marketing, it is nevertheless a group that any marketer serious about their craft should stop by and join.

The group offers a rich, versatile mix of discussions that range from entrepreneurship to the art of people management, to innovation and advice on how to ace a job interview.


Join the Fans of Mashable LinkedIn group

As one of the world’s pre-eminent online sources of breaking news, features and analysis on everything related to marketing and the web, the ‘Fans of Mashable’ LinkedIn group is a natural extension to the website.

In this group you’ll find discussions focused more specifically on digital marketing and technology, for example blogging, email, social media and mobile marketing.


Join the SEOMoz LinkedIn group

The SEOMoz blog provides advice, tips and tricks for search engine optimisation and the LinkedIn group is also predominantly SEO-focused.

However, with the continued growth of social media and its impact on search, the group also hosts discussions related to how social content, blogging and social networking are impacting search marketing efforts.

What do you think of the groups I’ve listed? And would you recommend any other marketing-related LinkedIn groups?