6 super iPhone apps for marketers

iPhone cupcakes by Rachel Kramer Bussel

Now that Christmas day has come and gone I think it’s safe to assume that MANY people will have received an iPhone from Father Christmas this year! When I first got my iPhone just over a year ago, I was blown away by the possibilities it offered (hint: I rarely use it as a phone!).

As a digital marketer, I often use apps to connect with my social networks, stay up-to-date with the latest news or save in-depth content for listening, reading or viewing at a later date.

So for anyone looking for a little inspiration, here are 6 brilliant apps that are essential for any marketer with an iPhone:


Evernote allows you to make notes (written, verbal, images, website clippings) wherever you are and is brilliant for when you’re out and about.

There have been numerous times when I’ve wanted to make a note of something, perhaps because of a podcast or audiobook I’ve been listening to or a creative thought that’s come out of nowhere. Evernote lets me jot down whatever I’m thinking which I can then access later, either via my iPhone or on any other computer.


I’ve evangelised about Instagram on this blog before so I won’t go into too much detail again. But I will take a little time to talk about why this photo-sharing social network is great for marketers.

The real beauty of Instagram lies with its simplicity. The app allows anyone with an iPhone to take intimate, artful pictures and tell short, little snap-shot stories about their lives which can then be syndicated via other social networks.

The popularity of Instagram is spreading fast, so much so that brands are beginning to jump on board and use it to create high-quality content that can be shared across a spectrum of social media outlets.


Although TweetDeck is my main social media dashboard on my desktop and laptop computers, I find Hootsuite to be a far more intuitive and easy-to-use app on my iPhone.

I use Hootsuite primarily for managing my Twitter feeds, although you can also use it to manage your LinkedIn, Foursquare and Facebook accounts, too.

The app is simple, with an unfussy UI and functionality that allows you to add photos or a location to your tweets, as well as the ability to schedule updates for a later time and date.


I discovered Instapaper relatively late on (about a year after buying my iPhone) and it’s such a good app I don’t know how I managed before!

Have you ever been on a train journey or flight and wished you could connect to the internet to read an article or blog post you saw earlier?

Instapaper allows you to save web pages for later so that you can read them offline wherever you may be.

I don’t often buy apps (all the others in this list are free) but Instapaper certainly fits into the ‘worth it’ category at only £2.99.


TED is one of my social media heavyweights and therefore the iPhone app is a a must-have for any marketer worth their salt.

The app organises hundreds of TED talks into different themes that range from business to music. Talks can be viewed there and then or bookmarked and saved for later.

As a marketer, I consider TED to be a fantastic resource for providing insight and inspiration into how I work as well as generating ideas for blog posts.


There are a lot of QR code reader apps out there but the one I’ve always used  is RedLaser.

RedLaser allows you to scan barcodes as well as QR codes in order to access additional product information or find out more about a brand via the web.


There are obviously many more great iPhone apps for marketers and I’d love to here what your favourites are and why.