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Jargon, buzzwords and meaningless expressions

Jargon is something that will always exist, regardless of the business, industry or area of work we’re involved in. A great deal of business jargon is necessary. For example, imagine a group of internet marketers talking about ‘getting keywords and phrases to the top of search engines’ when this can be easily communicated and understood by […]

Know your (social media) audience

One of the things that frustrates me on LinkedIn is the number of people I follow who set their account to automatically share all their tweets simultaneously on Twitter and LinkedIn. What I’m often left with is a LinkedIn newsfeed crammed with – well, people’s tweets! This problem is two-fold… First of all, if I’m […]

Social media heavyweights

During the early part of the year I published three blog posts outlining a number of ‘social media heavyweights’ – people and resources that I consider to be outstanding in their field as publishers and curators of social media expertise. Many of these ‘heavyweights’ can be found in the ‘Great blogs’ column on the right-hand […]

Up in the cloud

This week Google announced that it would be releasing the Chromebook, a low-cost netbook fitted with Google’s Chrome OS, which essentially means a laptop with a web browser. Manufactures who’ve signed up to producing laptops exclusively with Chrome OS (instead of Microsoft’s Windows) include Samsung and Acer, who will be building machines that will apparently […]