Cool logos

The Hard Day's Night Hotel logo

I’ve always been partial to a cool logo. Whenever I see one I can’t help but enthuse about them! A well-designed, smart and interesting logo can be very inspiring and I have an awful lot of respect for the graphic designers, marketers and creatives that work on them.

The picture above is the logo for the Hard Day’s Night Hotel, a Beatles-themed hotel in Liverpool. I stayed there during my birthday weekend last week and had a great time (as a Beatles fan it really hit the mark!).

At first, I didn’t really understand what the logo was all about, only that it seemed strangely geometric and quirky at the same time. And then I stumbled across a sign that explained what it meant and it all fell into place.

The logo can be interpreted in a few of ways:

1. The logo is a depiction of the distinctive, opening chord of the song ‘A Hard Day’s Night‘. The dots illustrated in the logo represent where a guitarist’s fingers should be placed in order to play the G7 suspended chord

2. The logo could also denote the overhead Beatles stage plan, with Paul and George on the left, John on the right and Ringo at the back

3. The classic album cover design for A Hard Day’s Night features twenty squares, in the same way as the logo for the Hard Days Night Hotel

In my opinion, the logo is really just a representation of the opening chord for A Hard Day’s Night and the overhead stage plan and twenty squares observations are simply convenient (and clever) coincidences. But nevertheless, the logo works because it is uncomplicated yet thought-proking at the same time.

Although a logo is just one element of many that make up a brand, it still plays a very important visual role in the perception of what a brand is and what it represents. When designing a logo there are a number of rules to consider and the Hard Day’s Night Hotel logo follows (and breaks!) many of them.

What logos have caught your eye recently? Do you have any cool logo designs that you’d like to share?