Elizabeth II

This week Her Majesty the Queen celebrates her Diamond Jubilee. For sixty years she has reigned as the sovereign of Great Britain and the Commonwealth with grace, dignity and professionalism. Regardless of one’s opinion about the monarchy, it can’t be denied that the Queen has served her duty with a level of commitment that can only be admired.

During the thirty years that I’ve been alive, I’ve not once seen or heard of the Queen complaining about the work she does. She carries out her duties and responsibilities with a conviction and calmness I only wish I could!

Do your duty

For those of us looking to make a difference, I believe we all have a duty in our professional lives to do our work not only to the level expected but also beyond, to a much higher level.

It’s not just about turning up to work for eight hours, five days a week. It’s also about ensuring that during those hours and days we do all we can to discover the best ways to do our jobs, exceed our targets and in the process make both ourselves and the organisational as a whole better.

Take responsibility

We must take responsibility for the work we do and ensure that we carry out our duties to the best of our abilities. We owe this not only to the people we work for but to ourselves, as well.

As a digital marketer, I believe it’s my duty to conduct myself and the business I do in a professional, ethical and committed manner.

It’s my duty to know the best and most up-to-date best practices and tools to use, be it SEO, social media or content marketing.

It’s my duty to read up on developments in the digital world as well as network and interact with thought-leaders and experts so I can remain well-educated and stay ahead of the game.

Lead by example

One of the aspects I admire most about the Queen is that she leads by example.

Like all of those for whom I have the greatest respect, the Queen doesn’t shirk her duties or responsibities. Instead she carries them out tirelessly and with great vigour and in the process has become a truly great ambassador for Britain and the Commonwealth.

The Queen has come to epitomise what it means to be a great monarch and she has done this through her actions and by fulfilling her duties and responsibilities to the highest level.

As Sir John Major has said:

“Around the world, whenever anyone refers to ‘The
Queen’, they mean ‘Our Queen'”.