Focus on ‘big M’ marketing

Letter M (Silver Spring, MD) by takomabibelot

Mitch Joel claims that whenever someone attempts to define what a brand truly is or what branding means, Tom Asacker comes to mind. And after listening to this podcast I can appreciate why.

In addition to branding, I’d suggest that Tom Asacker has a pretty sound view on marketing as a whole, too. One of the points Tom made during the podcast that really resonated with me was his assertion that marketing isn’t about telling people what you have (i.e. through marketing communications) but creating something of real value by tapping into people’s desires.

Why are you in business?

The discussion between Mitch and Tom unearthed a number interesting points on everything from psychology to leadership. Here are some of the highlights:

  • We need ‘thinkers’ in business, people who can help marketers understand how to use the different tools, communication devices and platforms in ways that will add value to what they do with their audience and customers
  • Not enough people question ‘why’ they’re in business. We need to get to the essence of why we do what we do
  • Behaviour is the ‘holy grail’. Whether it’s to get people in the store, visit a website or interact with them on social media, we have to get people to do things in the marketplace
  • Customers were never really ‘loyal’ – they just didn’t have all the options in the past that they do today. If you’re good at bringing your option to life they will investigate, try it and even adopt it
  • People need to intuit value if they’re going to ‘switch’ products – they need a much better experience in order to change

Drive people’s actions through desire

“Businesses create value through marketing and innovation” – Peter Drucker

  • Our beliefs are shaped by our perceptions and how they relate to our personal circumstances
  • A good leader will consider:
  1. 1. Always be working on your own level of belief
  2. 2. Work out how you can transfer belief to others
  • Everything you do and say as a leader sends signal to others
  • It’s desire, not understanding, that drives people’s actions
  • The word ‘persuasion’ has given marketing a bad name. Marketing is about discovering what people already desire and getting them there. It’s not about trying to get people to do things they don’t really want

Focus on big ‘M’ marketing

There are two kinds of marketing:

  1. 1. Big ‘M’ marketing – where you work with insights and customers to understand value
  2. 2. Little ‘m’ marketing – advertising and marketing communications
  • Advertising is a way to bring to light the distinctive value you are bringing to the marketplace. Customers need to intuit value within an ad, otherwise it’s pointless
  • Companies like Facebook, Amazon and Apple have done big ‘M’ marketing – they looked at the marketplace and asked ‘how do we create something that provides more value than anyone else has in this particular category?’ and execute it
  • Marketing isn’t about ‘telling people something, it’s about creating something, the value of the product. The communication comes after the creation