Good morning!

Having got up so early... by Vince Alongi (Flickr)

Well, here I go with my very own website and a new and improved blog. I was previously blogging at Gavin’s Blog (which I will continue to do so but on a more ad hoc basis) but One Too Many Mornings is now my new blogging home and the place where I intend to share my thoughts, views, opinions and advice on anything and everything in the world of marketing.

As well as rambling on and shouting about what I have to say, I also hope to begin building a community and a following around the subject areas and topics that I feel passionate about. I really enjoy marketing and I hope that this will come across in my posts and will encourage others to join in and contribute through the comments.

The ultimate aim of this blog is to help individuals, business owners and marketers get up to speed and informed in the following areas:


Marketing is much more than advertising, promotion and spreading your message. Marketing is about putting your customer at the heart of your business and ensuring that everyone throughout the company understands this.

The overall aim of marketing is to identify, attract and keep customers coming back to you by producing brilliant products that meet their needs.

Social media

Social media is the major buzz word of the moment, but what’s it all about? If you’ve got a company – big or small – you need to be optimised for the social web because things are changing (in fact, they already have!). Consumers are expecting much more from brands than one-to-many messages (such as TV advertising, newspaper ads and billboards).

Instead of constantly focusing on pushing your message out there, start pulling customers in by creating a community around your product and brand. Start conversing with customers, enter into a dialogue with them and get involved. Your customers expect more – so don’t disappoint!

Digital communications

The internet has opened up a raft of new ways to communicate with consumers and it’s your job as a business owner to stay up-o-date and embrace these new channels.

Email marketing is the ‘old man’ of the digital world but should still be a crucial element in your marketing mix whilst search engine optimisation (SEO) is a vital to staying relevant within the world’s biggest search engines.

So thank you for visiting and please feel free to let me know your thoughts and feelings about this blog.