My three words for 2011

three colours smoke by Julian Burgess
On the 1st January this year, I wrote a blog post called ‘My 3 words for 2011‘ in which I outlined the three key words that I hoped would form the guiding pillars for what I would focus on for the year ahead. The three words were not intended to be goals (which should be SMART), but guiding lights for my actions and efforts in both my personal and professional life.

Now that we’re over half-way through 2011, I thought it would be a good idea to review my three words and briefly reflect on how I’m getting on:


As a marketer, I believe I should be always be looking to create. I see my work as art and this should involve continually producing new and interesting achievements that make people think.

This year I set up and launched my new blog, One Too Many Mornings. The blog is all about marketing but with an emphasis on social media and digital communications and I’m proud of this creative achievement. However, my overall aim is to consistently create quality blog posts which I hope other people will find useful and be shared with the networks and communities the posts and untended for. That is the next challenge and I’m very much looking forward to it!


Seth Godin is a big inspiration for me, and he – along with many others – regularly influence my thinking and actions. Like many of us, I’m often prone to procrastinating and putting off certain tasks and chores- as well as being a bit of a perfectionist at times! One of Seth Godin’s mantras is that you should always look to ship. Shipping is about getting things done, be it hitting the ‘submit’ button on your latest blog post, finishing a speech or completing the first chapter of a new book you’re writing.

Working on something (or ‘thrashing‘) is fine, but eventually you’ve got to complete.  One of my biggest achievements so far this year has been designing, preparing and publishing my blog. I could have spent six months working on concepts and ideas for it, but I realised that although the aesthetics are important, content is king, and I therefore looked to get things off the ground sooner rather than later and make any further changes incrementally over time.


With time seemingly passing by more quickly than ever, I’m constantly reminded of how far behind I am compared with those I aspire to be like. So one of my aims for this year has been to improve, both personally and professionally, whether it be fitness, relationships, reading or training. I want to be able to look back in December and know that I’ve made a noticeable difference in my life.

So far 2011 has been a year of change for me and one of the biggest changes in my professional life came with my decision to move on from the company I had been working at for the past three years. One of the biggest motivations was the need to improve. I needed a new challenge, a fresh perspective and a change of scenery and together this has allowed me to progress and develop as a marketer.


With another six months to go until 2012 the key is to persevere and carry on. I’m pleased I’ve made inroads and managed to stick to my three words but as always there’s still work to do. My hope still is to be able to look back on 2011 and be proud of a numbe rof achievements.

What are you aiming to achieve by the end of 2011? Do you have any personal or professional objectives?