One year on…

One by Andre Chinn

One year ago today I launched One Too Many Mornings and seventy-five blog posts later I’m pleased to say it’s still going strong!

The past twelve months has involved a lot of hard work but it’s been a lot of fun, too. I therefore thought I’d take some time to share a few thoughts about the blog on it’s first birthday and where I’m hoping to take it from here.

Talk, connect and educate

I started One Too Many Mornings this time last year because I wanted to create an online platform where I could share my opinions, thoughts and insights on the subjects I’m most interested in.

I also wanted to use One Too Many Mornings to build a community and a following so I could connect with other like-minded individuals. As digital marketers we’re having to learn all the time so I believe it’s important to meet new people and share ideas and best practices whenever possible.

The overall aim of One Too Many Mornings still holds true: to educate.

It’s not just about educating others but about educating me. As much as I want to share my content to help improve other people’s knowledge, I also blog to push myself to think more clearly, deeply and analytically about marketing, social media and digital communications.

Where next?

Over the course of the next year I hope to continue pretty much along the same path I’ve been following up until now but with some improvements and developments, too. The goal with any venture should always be to get to the next level and I intend to do exactly that with One Too Many Mornings.

In addition to writing about news and developments, I’m also planning on offering more posts with analysis, guidance and advice relating to both the strategic and tactical elements of digital marketing.

With everything moving and changing so quickly, individuals and businesses (both big and small) are constantly having to play ‘catch-up’. I plan to help small business owners, freelancers and marketing managers to stay ahead of the curve by providing regular, helpful content that will hopefully shed some light on many of the complexities of digital and social media marketing.

Creating a rich mix of content

I’d also like to develop One Too Many Mornings by offering a richer mix of content. Some of the areas I’m most interested in include:

Guest blogging

I’m currently a guest blogger for Smart Insights and I’ve gained a lot of value by writing for someone else.

I’d like to invite other marketing bloggers to write for One Too Many Mornings so that they can benefit from exposing their work to a new audience and so that One Too Many Mornings can offer a different set of opinions and insights from other people besides me!


Over the past year I’ve published nine orginal infographics (although much of the credit must go to my very talented partner).

Good infographics are brilliant for summarising complex ideas or lots of data in a simple, easy to digest way and I’d love to create more infographics that can be shared and used by marketers across the social web.


I’ve never experimented with video content but with YouTube being the world’s second largest search engine it’s clear that it’s a medium that offers a lot of potential value.

Although I currently use my YouTube channel to curate content from other sources, I’d like to create original content of my own to augment and add to what I’m already creating for the blog.


I’m a BIG fan of podcasts and there a number that admire greatly.

Although I’m very aware that enjoying a great podcast is a lot easier than producing one yourself, the opportunity to connect with others and create something as valuable as Six Pixels of Separation or Marketing Over Coffee really appeals to me.


So, thank you very much for reading and I hope you continue to do so over the next year and beyond!