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Focus on ‘big M’ marketing

Mitch Joel claims that whenever someone attempts to define what a brand truly is or what branding means, Tom Asacker comes to mind. And after listening to this podcast I can appreciate why. In addition to branding, I’d suggest that Tom Asacker has a pretty sound view on marketing as a whole, too. One of […]

What good branding is really about

Following his death in October earlier this year, many blog posts, articles, tweets and videos were shared by millions around the world about Steve Jobs and the work he did. Some of the best videos included Jobs’ 2005 Stanford University commencement speech as well as his double-act with Bill Gates at the D5 Conference in […]

Cool logos

I’ve always been partial to a cool logo. Whenever I see one I can’t help but enthuse about them! A well-designed, smart and interesting logo can be very inspiring and I have an awful lot of respect for the graphic designers, marketers and creatives that work on them. The picture above is the logo for the […]

Discover the role of your social brand

Social media has proved to be a great leveller, allowing any company to join in and be apart of the social web. The barriers to entry are low and as a result corporate use of social media is growing exponentially. However, although it may be relatively simple to set up and create a social media […]

Know your (social media) audience

One of the things that frustrates me on LinkedIn is the number of people I follow who set their account to automatically share all their tweets simultaneously on Twitter and LinkedIn. What I’m often left with is a LinkedIn newsfeed crammed with – well, people’s tweets! This problem is two-fold… First of all, if I’m […]