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The power of great content curation

Producing unique, original, valuable content can provide an individual or business with a distinct competitive advantage. Great content can be used to establish thought-leadership, educate and entertain and is one of the most effective ways of building a loyal, interested following around a product or brand. Whilst creating original content will always give you an […]

10 places to find content ideas for your blog

Finding content ideas for a blog can be a nagging source of frustration and is a common problem for many. ‘Blogger’s block’ can affect both newcomers and seasoned pros alike. Despite having a theme, subject area and raison d’ĂȘtre for my blog, I still find it difficult sometimes to find inspiration for ideas. If I […]

What are you ‘about’?

When someone visits your blog for the first time what do they see? What type of content do you have? What are the topics you have written about within the last few days and weeks? And what writing style do you use? Anyone visiting your blog will make a first impression within seconds of landing […]