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The Vapiano customer experience

Last week I had the good fortune to travel to Munich in Germany and whilst there I stopped by one of my favourite Italian-themed restaurants – Vapiano. Although the German restaurant chain has expanded into other countries (including the UK) over the last few years, I had never encountered Vapiano until I first visited Munich […]

Be remarkable

As a marketer, I never see my work as ‘just a job’. It may be easy for others to follow the status quo, do what has always been done before and copy what the competition is doing, but for me that is boring – and ineffective. Marketing should be about creativity, innovation and artistry. And […]

Who would you invite?

I was pitching to a client a few weeks back for a project and we got to discussing the project’s goals, the company profile – and me. They asked me a number of questions about my skills and experience and then surprised me with the following: “If you could invite three people – dead or […]