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Best tools for effective backlink analysis

Although there is plenty of evidence to suggest that search engines are paying attention to other factors in addition to links when ranking websites, good quality backlinks are still very important and widely considered to be the leading ranking factor: Effective link-building will form an integral part of any credible SEO strategy but before work […]

Why ‘aggressive’ link-building isn’t sustainable

I recently stumbled across a link-building services site that proudly announced on its homepage that it can build links so that businesses could “focus on getting richer” instead of “wasting time and energy building links”. There are two things about this statement that bother me: 1. Outsourcing link-building is fraught with potential problems. You’re putting […]

Good SEO is about quality, not quantity

I’ve read three articles recently that have inspired me to write this post: The first was this excellent post from Christopher S Penn on the enduring rule of SEO. The second, a timely reminder from Google about selling links that pass PageRank. And finally, this deep-dive analysis of Interflora’s penalty for bad links by Christoph […]

Link building versus link earning

As digital marketing continues to evolve and mature, so are the audiences who are exposed to the efforts of marketers constantly looking to get their attention. Brands who once relied on simple pop-up ads and advertorials to buy people’s attention are now flocking to social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to earn attention by creating unique […]

Generating quality inbound links for your website

Getting found online is still a top priority for both big and small businesses alike. Google research from last year indicates that up to 70% of buyers use search at some point in their research journey. Despite numerous algorithm changes and the more recent influence of social signals, generating quality inbound links to your website […]