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How to find a job using social media

The economic crisis is continuing to bite and with unemployment in the UK at its highest level since the mid-90s finding a job is becoming an increasingly difficult task. To get the right job takes focus, commitment and discipline. Competition for work is fierce and job-seekers need to find any edge they can to get […]

5 top LinkedIn groups for marketers

With all the fuss over the continued rise of Facebook and the emergence of Google+, LinkedIn is often overlooked. But as a social network for gaining knowledge, information and new insights LinkedIn can be great. One of the best aspects of LinkedIn is the groups. Whilst many often start with a bang before slowly fading […]

How I use my social networks

Social networking has become a huge part of our lives, so much so that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to escape them whether we’re online or not! Many people use social networks for both personal and professional reasons and I wanted to share with you a little insight into how I use them. Facebook I was […]

How to use LinkedIn effectively

There has been more than one occasion when someone has suggested to me that LinkedIn is simply an online destination to post your CV. But if this was all LinkedIn were for, I’m certain the company would have not have been valued at $9 billion following its IPO in May this year. LinkedIn is much […]

Know your (social media) audience

One of the things that frustrates me on LinkedIn is the number of people I follow who set their account to automatically share all their tweets simultaneously on Twitter and LinkedIn. What I’m often left with is a LinkedIn newsfeed crammed with – well, people’s tweets! This problem is two-fold… First of all, if I’m […]

Google Plus – My first impressions

Google+, the new social networking platform from Google, has caused a bit of a stir in social media circles (no pun intended!) over the past ten days or so. Since Google announced a limited number of invites to the ‘Google+ Project‘, the blogosphere has been buzzing with views, reviews and opinions. Google+ is intended to […]