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5 ways to integrate SEO and content marketing

Although SEO and content marketing are often still managed separately, there are many activities that overlap between them and some would even argue that a large part of SEO and content marketing are the same. Although I would consider SEO and content marketing to be different disciplines (at least at this stage in their respective […]

All or nothing: Committing to social media

There have been a number of occasions over the last couple of years when I’ve spoken to individuals or companies who are considering using social media as part of their marketing efforts. However, on nearly every occasion I’ve found that the people I’ve spoken to have rarely got a clear idea as to how it […]

There’s no such thing as a short cut

Time and again I come across examples of companies who seemingly expect social media to solve their marketing problems as though it is some kind of magic marketing formula. But as with any new technology, practice or procedure, implementing social media as part of your marketing strategy takes time, effort and a good deal of […]

Planning and preparation

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” – Benjamin Franklin I’m a huge sports fan and I love watching football, rugby and cricket in particular. The excitement and drama these sports generate is what really captivates me and millions of others. But as a business professional, I can’t help but focus on the […]