What are you ‘about’?

Gavin Llewellyn's blog Wordle for August 2011

When someone visits your blog for the first time what do they see? What type of content do you have? What are the topics you have written about within the last few days and weeks? And what writing style do you use?

Anyone visiting your blog will make a first impression within seconds of landing on the homepage and it’s during these crucial first moments that you need to capture the visitor’s attention and keep them on the site. And the key to doing that is to be clear as to what you’re ‘about’.

Who is your audience?

Before you even start blogging you should think about the type of person you are writing for. Consider who the typical reader of you blog is and try and visualise them in your mind.

If you’re a tech blogger they might be a twenty-something technology professional who’s interested in all the latest news and developments. Whereas if you blog about cakes and pastries your typical reader might be a student or young professional looking for new and innovative baking ideas for the weekend.

Consider the language and terminology your audience uses as well as any common industry terms. Although I’m not a big fan of jargon, I believe it does have a place when used correctly in the right time and place.

What are you trying to say?

The type of content you produce (text, infographics, podcasts, video) will allow you to communicate and get your ideas across in different ways.

Whilst a blog is traditionally text based, more and more blogs are including dynamic content to offer a variety of content. This not only provides your audience with a range of media to consume your content but is also great for SEO and accessibility, too.

What do you want to achieve?

Everything you blog about should be written for a purpose. And this doesn’t have to be business-related. If you’re blogging about a passion (writing, design, art) then you may want to achieve exposure for your ideas and become recognised by your peers.

However, if you’re blogging for your business then you will need to set some targets and goals related to the number of subscribers, followers and ultimately leads and sales you intend to gain as a result of your efforts.

What are you ‘about’?

The words you say, the manner in which you say them and the way in which you communicate will all paint a picture of who you are and what you’re about. The key is to be natural and to be yourself. Blogging takes time and the more you blog the sooner you’ll develop your own unique style and personality.

The Wordle word cloud at the top of this post indicates what my blog is about. What words would your Wordle pick out?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=504592623 Charlotte-Elizabeth Clark

    I like the new blog template/style Gavin very nice! I do think sometimes I lose track of these kind of things, I write for myself which can be the right thing to do sometimes but my blog is ultimately for other people in my work situation. Perhaps I should target them specifically? Hmm. Lots to think about!

    • http://twitter.com/gavinllewellyn Gavin Llewellyn

      Hi Charlotte

      Thanks for the comment and the kind comment re the blog – it’s much appreciated!

      I do exactly the same as you and often write about the topics and issues that I find interesting. I often have to rein myself in and think about the audience I’m writing for. I’m not Chris Brogan, Mitch Joel or Seth Godin and therefore don’t have their fan base (yet!) so I therefore need to get a balance between my real audience and my ideal audience.

      It’s all one big learning curve which I’m still treading gently 🙂