What good branding is really about

Following his death in October earlier this year, many blog posts, articles, tweets and videos were shared by millions around the world about Steve Jobs and the work he did.

Some of the best videos included Jobs’ 2005 Stanford University commencement speech as well as his double-act with Bill Gates at the D5 Conference in 2007.

But one of the videos that really stood out for me was of a presentation Steve Jobs made to Apple employees following his return to the company in 1997.

If the video above is not working you can view it right here.

Although the presentation revolved around the launch of the ‘Think Different’ campaign, the content of Jobs’ presentation in the seven minute video is not only inspiring but offers one of the best explanations of how good marketing and branding works.

Last month I talked about the Golden Circle and the importance for companies – and individuals – to focus on why they do what they do. It is the core values and beliefs of a brand that inspire others to take notice and follow.

Steve Jobs was fully aware of this when he returned to the business he founded after a ten-year absence. During his time away Apple had lost sight of what it really stood for but Jobs was about to re-focus and set the company on a path that would eventually make them the most valuable brand in the world.