Monthly Archives: August, 2011

5 principles of an effective mobile website

The world is becoming increasingly mobile and there’s no turning back! With the proliferation of smartphones, laptops and other mobile devices such as tablet computers we are now beginning to see the rise of the ‘digital nomad‘ – those willing and able to work and socialise online wherever there is either a 3G or Wi-Fi connection. […]

Be remarkable

As a marketer, I never see my work as ‘just a job’. It may be easy for others to follow the status quo, do what has always been done before and copy what the competition is doing, but for me that is boring – and ineffective. Marketing should be about creativity, innovation and artistry. And […]

There’s no such thing as a short cut

Time and again I come across examples of companies who seemingly expect social media to solve their marketing problems as though it is some kind of magic marketing formula. But as with any new technology, practice or procedure, implementing social media as part of your marketing strategy takes time, effort and a good deal of […]


As an England cricket fan it was fantastic to see the England team beat India last week to win the series and become the number one Test team in the world. It was a brilliant achievement, one built on skill and endeavour – as well as a ruthless focus on preparation and teamwork. A focus […]

How to use LinkedIn effectively

There has been more than one occasion when someone has suggested to me that LinkedIn is simply an online destination to post your CV. But if this was all LinkedIn were for, I’m certain the company would have not have been valued at $9 billion following its IPO in May this year. LinkedIn is much […]

Social media is not to blame for the UK riots

It’s been interesting to see a number of reports in newspapers and on news channels suggesting that social media has played a damaging role in the riots taking place in London and across other cities in the UK this week. Facebook, Twitter and Blackberry Messenger have all been singled out and blamed for allowing rioters […]