About Gavin Llewellyn


Gavin Llewellyn is a professional Chartered Marketer specialising in digital marketing, social media and brand communications.

Skills and experience

Gavin’s interest in marketing began in 2001 whilst studying for a degree in Business Management. It was during these early years that Gavin recognised the true creative power that marketing can bring to a company. This realisation, along with a desire to continue learning and developing led him to continue his studies, this time specialising in marketing, graduating with a Masters degree in Marketing Management in 2005.

Gavin has worked in a number of different industries as well as in both the business-to-consumer and business-to-business sectors. As a result, Gavin has developed a unique blend of marketing experience and has the ability to effectively adapt to whatever challenge, project or company he is involved with.

A highly creative and motivated marketer, Gavin has a range of marketing management skills, including branding and corporate identity, business strategy, public relations, customer-relationship management and marketing communications.

Digital marketing

Over the past four years Gavin has become particularly interested in new media and internet marketing. This aspect of marketing is a growing area and one that more and more companies – both big and small – are striving to understand and implement.

Gavin has spent a great deal of time developing his knowledge and understanding of digital and online marketing and specialising in this space to build brands and bring companies up-to-date through the use of social media and digital marketing channels, search engine optimisation (SEO), website development and email marketing.

One Too Many Mornings

Bob Dylan with His Gibson J-50 by Henry Zbyszynski

The One Too Many Mornings blog is all about using marketing, both traditional and digital, correctly and effectively for your business so that you can successfully reach your customers and prospects. The blog aims to discuss, analyse and highlight key trends and issues but above all shine a light on best practice case studies and examples.

The name ‘One Too Many Mornings’ is taken from a Bob Dylan song of the same name. Bob Dylan is a remarkable artist who throughout his career has remained a ground-breaking and influential musician, poet and storyteller. It is these powerful qualities that this blog hopes to emulate and inspire others to do the same.