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How to create a content strategy for Google+

This post was originally published on Smart Insights on 10th October 2012. I cross-post it here with all the links and tags for your reading pleasure! The overall aim of brands using social networking is to create engaged communities around compelling content that educates, entertains, inspires and/ or angers. The key, then, is to generate interest and […]

Earning attention through really great marketing

Great marketing in the 21st century is about making the most of all your media options. Companies can no longer rely on just one media type to effectively get their message out to audiences. Instead, a blend of paid, owned and earned media is needed to stand out, gain attention and connect with interested prospects. […]

How to win the internet with inbound marketing

The democratisation of the web has opened up new possibilities for marketers, allowing businesses the opportunity to reach new prospects and develop relationships with customers in ways that wasn’t possible only a decade ago. Inbound marketing gives companies – big and small – the opportunity to use a range of ‘free’ marketing tactics to target people […]

Inbound marketing for small businesses

This post was originally published on Smart Insights on 24th April 2012. I cross-post it here with all the links and tags for your reading pleasure! Setting up and running a small business is both daunting and exciting in equal measure. But with the economic downturn combined with an increasingly crowded competitive landscape, the need to promote […]

The power of great content curation

Producing unique, original, valuable content can provide an individual or business with a distinct competitive advantage. Great content can be used to establish thought-leadership, educate and entertain and is one of the most effective ways of building a loyal, interested following around a product or brand. Whilst creating original content will always give you an […]

A drug dealer’s guide to inbound marketing

In their book ‘Re-Work‘, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson (who set up and run 37 Signals) provide a ton of fantastic advice and guidance for entrepreneurs, aspiring business owners and anyone looking to develop themselves and their careers. As a blogger and inbound marketer, the book was a real wake-up call for me and […]