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My 7 essential holiday iPhone apps

Last month I had the good fortune to travel to Australia for a three-week holiday. Whilst I was away, I had limited internet access (I chose not to use 3G because of the roaming charges) and could only access WiFi in certain locations. With limited internet access and a lot of travelling, I was forced […]

6 super iPhone apps for marketers

Now that Christmas day has come and gone I think it’s safe to assume that MANY people will have received an iPhone from Father Christmas this year! When I first got my iPhone just over a year ago, I was blown away by the possibilities it offered (hint: I rarely use it as a phone!). […]

Up in the cloud

This week Google announced that it would be releasing the Chromebook, a low-cost netbook fitted with Google’s Chrome OS, which essentially means a laptop with a web browser. Manufactures who’ve signed up to producing laptops exclusively with Chrome OS (instead of Microsoft’s Windows) include Samsung and Acer, who will be building machines that will apparently […]