Focus on the social networks that work for YOU

Who Likes What: Social Media By Demographic

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+… there are so many social networks but where should you be focusing your efforts?

Go where you customers are

With Facebook being all the rage one minute, Twitter the next and most recently Google+, it’s easy to think that you should have a presence on all the social networks that are currently out there.

But whether you work for a small company or a team within a larger corporation, the chances are your resources are limited. It’s therefore very difficult to exist and make a valuable contribution on every social network.

It’s important to be selective about the social networks you choose to participate in. One simple way to limit the scope of choice is to research and identify where your customers are hanging out online. Meet the people you want to start a dialogue with on their terms in their social networks.

Turn up and add value

Many businesses using social media are spreading themselves too thin across too many social networking sites in the fear that they might be ‘missing out’. As a result, you’ll often find ‘social media ‘ghost towns‘ – where a page or site has been set up and started only to be abandoned for ‘something more important’. This does nothing for either the customer nor the company’s online image and reputation.

The statistics and figures from a KISSMetrics infographic (featured at the top of this post) indicate that there are general differences in how social networks are being adopted and used by different demographics. And there will be even more striking differences in how social networks are being used specifically by your customers and constituents.

The key is to set up a presence on a select few social networks where you can turn up and add value on a consistent basis. By focusing your efforts and sticking to an agreed plan of action you will be much more likely to reach your goals and objectives using social media.