Google Plus Pages have arrived!

Google+ Pages have arrived!

After what seems like a very long wait since the initial launch of Google+ back in June this year, Google+ Pages have finally been unveiled.

Beginning today and continuing over the next two days, businesses will be welcome into the Google+ social platform by creating a Google+ Page using the Create a page tool.

I’m not going to explain much more about what Google+ Pages are (Google do a pretty good job of that themselves) or how to create a page (Danny Sullivan’s review for Search Engine Land does that) but I would like to cover a few initial thoughts that spring to mind following this new development.

What does this mean for businesses?

Businesses now have another social channel to consider in addition to Facebook, Twitter and their own company blogs. Some may see this as a hindrance but for those with a positive mindset they’ll see brand pages as a great opportunity to connect with customers on an exciting new social platform.

For sole traders and consultants already using Google+ I think it’ll be important for them to think carefully about creating a brand page for the sake of it. As with Facebook pages or a company Twitter feed a separate page needs to add value and offer something different.

A new dimension to Google+

With the launch of brand pages there is now a whole new dimension to Google+

As Google themselves mention, a lot of people feel a close connection with the companies and brands they love and brand pages will give businesses the opportunity to interact and engage with their customers.

I’ve always found Facebook pages rather clunky and as I pointed out in my first post on Google+ when it was launched, the style, feel and UI of Google+ is superior to Facebook’s and may well offer a better user experience for brand page fans.

A reason to visit Google+

Many of the critisms I’ve heard from sceptics is that there’s nothing for them on Google+ because all their friends are all on another social network (i.e. Facebook!).

If Google+ Pages can create something special for brands then customers, regardless of what social network they’ve pledged their allegiance to, may well be compelled to visit Google+ to join in the fun. And once they’re there? Who knows, they may well stay, create a profile of their own and invite their friends over!


It’s very early days but exciting ones nevertheless. The social media world is a flutter once again with talk about Google+ and the Google team have certainly stolen some momentum from Facebook following their announcements back in September.

It will be interesting to see how Google+ Pages evolve and develop in the next few months ahead but one thing is for certain: Google+ is well and truly here and they’re not going away!

What are your first impressions of Google+ Pages?