How Coke is leveraging new media to add value

The media landscape is in a constant state of flux, continually shifting and evolving and brands are scrambling to learn, understand and take advantage of emerging channels and technologies.

Last week I stumbled across a couple of videos on Google+ that demonstrate how Coca-cola, one of the world’s top brands, is using social media, dynamic content and storytelling to develop engagement with key customer groups.

In both videos Jonathan Mildenhall, VP Global Advertising Strategy and Creative Excellence at The Coca-Cola Company, explains how Coke is looking to leverage the opportunities in the new media landscape to create an emotional connection with consumers and stakeholders.

Throughout both videos there are two key concepts to be aware of:

Liquid and Linked: The objective is to create ideas so contagious that they cannot be controlled (Liquid). These ideas are innately relevant to business objectives, brands and consumer interests (Linked) and through stories the aim is to provoke conversations and earn a discorporate share of popular culture.

Dynamic Storytelling: An evolution from one-way storytelling to the development of of incremental elements of a brand idea that get dispersed systematically across multiple channels of conversation for the purposes of creating a unified and coordinated brand experience (Dynamic Storytelling).

I hope you enjoy the videos as much as I did and take something away from the work Coca-Cola has been doing on creative and content excellence.