How to measure social media ROI

Social media return on investment (ROI) is becoming an increasingly important topic for many businesses as leaders and managers continue to ask for justification and sound reasoning for spend on social media activity.

In this short but sweet video from, Dr. Natalie Petouhoff, with the aid of some excellent graphics, explains what ROI is and how one can measure it for a company’s social media efforts. Dr. Petouhoff uses a customer service programme as a case study and illustrates (quite literally!) how the ROI calculation can be made.

I’ve seen, read and listened to a LOT about social media ROI over the past eighteen months as well as numerous arguments and debates about it. And yet in a simple six minute video, Natalie Petouhoff manages to get across the key points of a straightforward yet very important business metric.

If you’re having trouble viewing this video, you can view ‘How to measure social media ROI’ here