How to win the internet with inbound marketing

A Unified Strategy For Search And Social Dominance

The democratisation of the web has opened up new possibilities for marketers, allowing businesses the opportunity to reach new prospects and develop relationships with customers in ways that wasn’t possible only a decade ago.

Inbound marketing gives companies – big and small – the opportunity to use a range of ‘free’ marketing tactics to target people already learning and researching about a business, it’s brand, products and services. With a bit of hard work, creativity and nous, savvy marketers can reach interested prospects by earning their attention rather than interrupting them using outbound marketing tactics.

Why inbound marketing matters

One of the fascinating aspects of inbound marketing is how many of the different disciplines overlap with one another. Social media, search engine optimisation (SEO) and content marketing overlap and feed into one another.

In order to earn people’s attention you have to create great work that gets noticed. The common denominator is that all inbound marketing tactics can be used to raise awareness and to develop stronger connections and relationships with people.

Get found online – and get consumers’ attention

Two key tactics of inbound marketing include SEO and social media.

In this new Slideshare presentation, I’ve looked specifically at how SEO and social media can be used together to create a strategy where customers’ attention is earned through great content.


Whilst SEO is used to get found online, social media can help develop engaged communities on a company’s website as well as on various external social platforms. Content marketing then acts as the ‘glue’ that binds SEO (generating quality inbound links) and social media (telling the brand’s story).

Win the internet using an integrated approach

Natural search has evolved considerably over the last 3-4 years and with the introduction of social signals and an increased emphasis on quality content, social media is beginning to impact traditional SEO on a much larger scale.

This presentation is therefore designed to look at how inbound marketing can be used in an integrated way both strategically and tactically to win people’s attention and garner relationships with interested customers.

Inbound marketing is not a short-term tactic. It takes time and effort. But the rewards for getting it right are long-term and will benefit both companies and customers alike.