Looking forward to a mobile-first future

Mobile future2

I was reflecting this week on the recent changes Google have made to their search results and the potential affect this will have on marketers. The changes only apply to desktop and I agree with some experts that it’s likely that Google are looking to standardise the ecosystem across devices as part of their continuing move towards a mobile-first design.

I believe this is significant because mobile-first is something that will impact us all and something we must be cognisant of in how we plan, optimise and execute our work. Whilst mobile-first is becoming an increasingly top priority across the marketing industry, I still don’t believe everyone has full grasped how all-incompassing mobile will become.

This presentation from Benedict Evans of Andreesen Horowitz, the Silicon Valley venture capitalist firm, eloquently summarises some of the key trends in mobile we’re currently experiencing and those we’re likely to see in the years ahead.

The video of Ben’s presentation goes into the detail nicely but some of the key stand-out points for me include:

  • The smartphone industry dwarfs PCs – 4bn people are buying phones every 2 years instead of 1.6bn buying PCs every 5 years:

Smartphones dwarf PCs

  • ‘Mobile’ doesn’t really mean mobile – people are more likely to be using their mobile in the home, even as they sit just few feet from a desktop computer:

Mobile doesn't really mean mobile

  • Mobile’s multiplier effect – increased sophistication from mobile is as important as the increase in scale:

Mobile's multiplier effect

This really brings to life some of the challenges and opportunities we face as marketers and it will be interesting to see just what the future holds. However, one way or the other it looks as though mobile will eat the world!