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5 top SEO insights from SMX 2014

Earlier this month I attended the search marketing event SMX in London, and as with last year, SMX 2014 offered a huge amount of knowledge and insights from a wide variety of speakers from agencies, search engines, bloggers and business leaders. There was a lot a take in over the two days so for this post […]

What does your Facebook page have to offer?

The creation of a Facebook page is only the first step in a long process to building an engaged following and community around a product, service or brand. Maybe it’s the simplicity of the process. Or the fact that it doesn’t ‘cost’ anything to set up. But it seems many people are tempted into creating a […]

10 places to find content ideas for your blog

Finding content ideas for a blog can be a nagging source of frustration and is a common problem for many. ‘Blogger’s block’ can affect both newcomers and seasoned pros alike. Despite having a theme, subject area and raison d’être for my blog, I still find it difficult sometimes to find inspiration for ideas. If I […]

30 ways to get more targeted traffic to your blog

This post was originally published on Smart Insights on 22nd November 2011. I cross-post it here with all the links and tags for your reading pleasure! Seth Godin’s best post for the blogger revisited A few years ago Seth Godin wrote a great post on how to get traffic for your blog. Seth listed a number […]

Social media success is more than just a number

Last week Jeremiah Owyang blogged about why the number of fans and followers you have is NOT a business metric – but what you do with them is. The post reminded me of a couple of conversations I’ve recently had with marketing directors of well-known online brands. Whilst they were keen to use social media […]

Four key social media strategies

Is your business using social media as part of its overall marketing strategy? Do you consider the relative social influence and authority of customers? And if so, do you tailor customer service, pricing or product selection as a result? A research study from the Harvard Business Review has found that companies actively using social media […]