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What are you ‘about’?

When someone visits your blog for the first time what do they see? What type of content do you have? What are the topics you have written about within the last few days and weeks? And what writing style do you use? Anyone visiting your blog will make a first impression within seconds of landing […]

5 reasons why your business should blog

I was a little surprised recently when a client suggested to me that blogging was really only something celebrities and hobbyists indulged in. Although the comment took me aback, I nevertheless politely told them that they were way off the mark – and gave them a few good reasons why! Blogging isn’t just for big […]

Social media heavyweights

During the early part of the year I published three blog posts outlining a number of ‘social media heavyweights’ – people and resources that I consider to be outstanding in their field as publishers and curators of social media expertise. Many of these ‘heavyweights’ can be found in the ‘Great blogs’ column on the right-hand […]

Good morning!

Well, here I go with my very own website and a new and improved blog. I was previously blogging at Gavin’s Blog (which I will continue to do so but on a more ad hoc basis) but One Too Many Mornings is now my new blogging home and the place where I intend to share […]