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Effective content marketing for financial services

With all the research suggesting that 2014 will be another big year for content marketing, it’s important to review how content can be used effectively in your specific sector. In this article I will review content marketing approaches for financial services, a sector I’m involved with. Each industry sector has its own unique traits and idiosyncrasies and […]

Why ‘aggressive’ link-building isn’t sustainable

I recently stumbled across a link-building services site that proudly announced on its homepage that it can build links so that businesses could “focus on getting richer” instead of “wasting time and energy building links”. There are two things about this statement that bother me: 1. Outsourcing link-building is fraught with potential problems. You’re putting […]

The true benefits and value of Google authorship

As search continues to advance, the concept of authorship and identity will grow in importance. Many opinion leaders believe that over time websites will begin to be ranked based not just on the keywords they contain and the inbound links they attract but also the people and authors behind the content being produced. Earlier this […]

Good SEO is about quality, not quantity

I’ve read three articles recently that have inspired me to write this post: The first was this excellent post from Christopher S Penn on the enduring rule of SEO. The second, a timely reminder from Google about selling links that pass PageRank. And finally, this deep-dive analysis of Interflora’s penalty for bad links by Christoph […]

5 key social media marketing priorities for 2013

Infographic: The Social Media Marketing Radar by First 10 and Smart Insights. As another new year begins, marketers naturally look to develop their skills and awareness in the areas they are responsible for. For me, social media is a key area and within this, these are the areas that I believe are likely to effect social […]

How to create a content strategy for Google+

This post was originally published on Smart Insights on 10th October 2012. I cross-post it here with all the links and tags for your reading pleasure! The overall aim of brands using social networking is to create engaged communities around compelling content that educates, entertains, inspires and/ or angers. The key, then, is to generate interest and […]