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Anyone can create a great customer experience

Last month I had the good fortune to stay at the world-famous Savoy hotel in the heart of London (for a special occasion – I haven’t hit the high life quite yet!). I had a brilliant time and one that made me think, too. What struck me most about my experience at the Savoy – […]

The Vapiano customer experience

Last week I had the good fortune to travel to Munich in Germany and whilst there I stopped by one of my favourite Italian-themed restaurants – Vapiano. Although the German restaurant chain has expanded into other countries (including the UK) over the last few years, I had never encountered Vapiano until I first visited Munich […]

5 principles of an effective mobile website

The world is becoming increasingly mobile and there’s no turning back! With the proliferation of smartphones, laptops and other mobile devices such as tablet computers we are now beginning to see the rise of the ‘digital nomad‘ – those willing and able to work and socialise online wherever there is either a 3G or Wi-Fi connection. […]