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Link building versus link earning

As digital marketing continues to evolve and mature, so are the audiences who are exposed to the efforts of marketers constantly looking to get their attention. Brands who once relied on simple pop-up ads and advertorials to buy people’s attention are now flocking to social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to earn attention by creating unique […]

Earning attention through really great marketing

Great marketing in the 21st century is about making the most of all your media options. Companies can no longer rely on just one media type to effectively get their message out to audiences. Instead, a blend of paid, owned and earned media is needed to stand out, gain attention and connect with interested prospects. […]

Getting to grips with POEM

Don’t worry, you haven’t stumbled across a ‘Poetry for beginners’ post (I’m afraid I never mastered that particular literary art!) but one about the different types of media marketers can use to connect with consumers. POEM stands for paid, owned and earned media, and all three types should be used by marketers to create a […]