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Maximising SEO benefit through engagement

It’s been interesting to see the changes and evolution of Google’s algorithm over the last few years. Ever since the introduction of the first Panda update just over three years ago, Google have continued to emphasise the need for websites to have original, useful, good quality content if they want to rank highly in the SERPS. […]

Social media success is more than just a number

Last week Jeremiah Owyang blogged about why the number of fans and followers you have is NOT a business metric – but what you do with them is. The post reminded me of a couple of conversations I’ve recently had with marketing directors of well-known online brands. Whilst they were keen to use social media […]

Developing the case for social integration

Earlier this year Jeremiah Owyang presented a webinar (in association with Janrain and Badgville) on ‘How to Integrate Social into your Website‘. The webinar, based on research by the Altimeter Group, introduced a roadmap for social integration and explained how websites evolve as part of an iterative process. In the webinar Jeremiah stresses the importance […]

What does ‘engagement’ really mean?

In marketing and in social media in particular, the terms ‘engage’ and ‘engagement’ are used a lot. But what does it mean to ‘engage’ with people on the social web? And what does ‘engagement’ mean to customers? Creating connections Brian Solis defines engagement as ‘the time spent with the brand, either individually, in a community environment or […]

Twitter and the art of engagement

I’ve seen people and companies use Twitter in a variety of ways and this innovation is great. Frank Eliason at Dell were pioneers of using Twitter as a customer service platform, responding to customer queries and complaints and even proactively seeking out issues that could be resolved. Coffee Groundz use Twitter as an ordering service, allowing customers […]