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The true benefits and value of Google authorship

As search continues to advance, the concept of authorship and identity will grow in importance. Many opinion leaders believe that over time websites will begin to be ranked based not just on the keywords they contain and the inbound links they attract but also the people and authors behind the content being produced. Earlier this […]

15 top takeaways from SMX London 2013

Last week’s SMX search marketing expo in London had a great range of speakers that covered a variety of topics over the two days. In this post I thought I’d share some insightful takeaways from three key themes that were explored at the conference: From authorship to authority As search continues to evolve, a number […]

How to evaluate consumer search behaviour

In March I covered how one can start to evaluate and forecast the potential benefits of SEO by considering the possible traffic volume that individual keywords and phrases can drive to your website based on CTR in the SERPs. Whilst it’s important to build the case for using SEO and to develop keyword lists as […]

How to forecast the potential benefit of SEO

Search engine optimisation is one of many digital marketing tactics a business can choose from. Email, pay per click, display and affiliate marketing are all in many companies’ marketing armouries, and whilst the cost per visitor for natural search is zero, in order to achieve organic success within the SERPs investment is required. Cheap, ‘black […]

6 tips for a successful digital agency partnership

Over the last 7 years, I’ve had experience of working with various different traditional and digital marketing agencies. Whilst one agency’s skill set may differ from another, what I have found to be consistent is the way in which many agencies operate and how clients can get the best from a working relationship with them. […]

5 key social media marketing priorities for 2013

Infographic: The Social Media Marketing Radar by First 10 and Smart Insights. As another new year begins, marketers naturally look to develop their skills and awareness in the areas they are responsible for. For me, social media is a key area and within this, these are the areas that I believe are likely to effect social […]