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When is it right to @mention people on Twitter?

As Twitter continues to mature and develop, so has its use and functionality among the 500 million people who use the platform. When Twitter first hit the scene in 2007, it was used primarily to let others know where you were or what you were thinking in short, text message-sized updates (hence the 140-character limit). […]

How to find a job using social media

The economic crisis is continuing to bite and with unemployment in the UK at its highest level since the mid-90s finding a job is becoming an increasingly difficult task. To get the right job takes focus, commitment and discipline. Competition for work is fierce and job-seekers need to find any edge they can to get […]

Should Twitter feeds be handled by third-parties?

There have been some high profile incidents recently involving celebrities and Twitter, notably Alec Balwin’s fracas with American Airlines and Ashton Kutcher’s decision to hand over the running of his Twitter feed to a management company. And brands have also run into problems, with faux pas from Habitat, Kenneth Cole and Qantas all springing to mind. As […]

How I use my social networks

Social networking has become a huge part of our lives, so much so that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to escape them whether we’re online or not! Many people use social networks for both personal and professional reasons and I wanted to share with you a little insight into how I use them. Facebook I was […]

Social media is not to blame for the UK riots

It’s been interesting to see a number of reports in newspapers and on news channels suggesting that social media has played a damaging role in the riots taking place in London and across other cities in the UK this week. Facebook, Twitter and Blackberry Messenger have all been singled out and blamed for allowing rioters […]

Know your (social media) audience

One of the things that frustrates me on LinkedIn is the number of people I follow who set their account to automatically share all their tweets simultaneously on Twitter and LinkedIn. What I’m often left with is a LinkedIn newsfeed crammed with – well, people’s tweets! This problem is two-fold… First of all, if I’m […]