What makes a great new media marketer?

Uplifting Hero by JD Hancock

As marketing continues to evolve and merge ever more into the new media world, the demand for smart, savvy digital marketers will increase.

Many companies, both large and small, are looking for new media marketers who have a broad range of skills, can adapt quickly and add value to a business despite the tough economic conditions.

So what are the key attributes of a great new media marketer? What are the signs that set them apart from everyone else?

Technical skills and awareness as well as a good understanding of the latest tools and techniques should be a given. So I’ve looked at some of the higher-level attributes that I believe make for a great new media marketer:

They have a holistic approach to marketing

A great new media marketer will have a diverse skill-set. They will not be specialists in one key area (for example, SEO or web analytics) but have experience of dealing with social media, web advertising or email marketing, too.

They will also have experience of traditional marketing, such as PR, advertising and event management. By having a holistic approach to all areas of marketing they will be able to see how new media will effectively fit into a company’s marketing mix.

They are customer-focused

This is a prerequisite for any marketer, new media or not, but it’s worth reinforcing the point anyway.

Great new media marketers have a customer-centric view that enables them to see things from the customer’s point-of view. This is an essential skill as it allows them to take a step back and understand the customer experience.

They frequent top new media and internet marketing blogs

New media marketing is in a state of constant change. New channels, approaches and ideas are being introduced on an almost daily basis.

A great new media marketer will be an avid reader of top online and digital marketing blogs. Reading the posts of these blogs will give them valuable insights and an excellent perspective on the latest trends, changes and innovations that are taking place.

They truly understand the company and what it stands for

There is really not much point in being bogged down in detail or working in a silo away from everyone else. In order to work effectively, you need to have an appreciation of how a company works as a whole and what it really stands for.

A great new media marketer will have a deep understanding of a business from the inside out. They will know about the industry the company is operating in, the business’s vision and strategy, company culture, product/ service offerings and a good impression of the entire customer experience.

Only by fully understanding the company, it’s goals and what it wants to achieve can one produce genuinely important, meaningful work.

They are effective communicators

Great new media marketers have the ability to present their opinions, insights and recommendations in a compelling, easy-to-understand manner whilst simultaneously exuding passion and enthusiasm for their craft.

It’s easy to get caught up in the detail and convoluted language of digital marketing and therefore good communication is about breaking concepts and ideas down into their simplest form for everyone (including senior management) to understand.

They are business-savvy

A good understanding of the financial perspective of a business is essential, especially during tough times when companies are watching their pennies and demanding a return on every investment.

In order to get the most from their work, great new media marketers will be able to tie digital marketing activities to the company’s overall strategy, plan effectively and use appropriate metrics to measure success and make necessary adjustments and changes.

They are technically adept

All new media marketers must have a deep understanding of the technical aspects of everything they’re expected to work on, from search engine optimisation to mobile marketing.

However, great new media marketers are constantly looking for ways to improve their technical skills, particularly in reference to the company or clients they’re working for. They proactively read and contribute to blogs, attend webinars, events and specialist courses to stay ahead of the game.

They are analytical

Great new media marketers must have good analytical skills. Basic reporting is not enough.

Good analysis is about using data to manage complexity, pick out trends and provide actionable insights that key decision-makers can act upon.

They are open-minded and inquisitive

A great new media marketer will always be looking for new and innovative ways to add value. This isn’t about jumping on the bandwagon of the latest craze but about carefully matching new developments and trends to a company’s business needs.

With everything changing so much so quickly, new media marketers must be be hungry to explore and seek out other possible solutions to companies’ problems.

They are problem solvers

Whatever the company is trying to do, a great new media marketer should be able to help them do it.

Whether it’s launching a new product into a new market, improving lead generation for the sales team or internal marketing, there are endless ways of working with other teams and departments within a company to help them meet their objectives.

This is just a handful of attributes out of many. What are the other top signs of a great new media marketer?